• Download the latest stable release here (recommended)

  • Preview builds for upcoming versions may be found here

  • If you want to build from source see Compiling on Windows


  • The easiest way to get the latest version is to build the game using the build scripts. You can download them here

  • Packages for various distributions: here

  • Build from source, see Compiling on Linux


Unfortunately, due to lack of OS X coders, there is no up to date build of the latest version available. The latest working version for Mac is 0.37-beta. You can download it here

Overview / Readme / FAQ

Many questions are answered in the documentation, have a look around: Documentation index


Rigs of Rods is free and open source software under the GPL v3 license, meaning it is both free as in speech (you can modify it) and free as in beer (it does not cost you anything).


If you are interested in Rigs of Rods' history check out the museum here